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I am a graduate of Lorne Park SS currently studying computer science at the University of Guelph. While maintaining a strong grasp on my educational pathway, I invest a great amount of time and energy toward a wide range of extracurriculars, and public speaking. Organized sports such as rugby and football, along with various competitions such as hackathons reflect my dedication to self-improvement. My personal projects progress my technical skills the most, far above any course I have taken to date.

I use design patterns and program analysis to code full-stack programs efficiently, ensuring scalability. I easily adapt to new languages I can pitch & develop an AI model to analyze numerical or visual data, using pip & PyTorch / TF packages. I have extensive knowledge of every common Unix distribution, versed with kernel mechanics and assembly programming. Extensive knowledge of Windows (in addition to Microsoft Office Suite) and Mac. I am very comfortable in front of any command interface.


I create web apps using the MERN or PERN stack from front to back. I fit into agile teams easily to develop an idea into an MVP, then scale to fit a finished product.


Programming in Python, java, and c#; I am able to construct (mathematically) correct iterative & recursive algorithms that run in the best runtime possible.


Using TensorFlow, numPy, Pip, Pandas, and other libraries; I am able to construct and train an inferrence engine based on an appropriate data set.


Highly skilled in all relevant unix distributions, including Kali Linux suite, comfortable with all pen-testing tools. Can find and exploit vulnerabilities using custom-coded payloads and netcat, or another appropriate method (ex. SQL Injection).

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Full Stack WebApp Development

Example ML 'Facial Detection' App

Algorithm Engineering

Software Engineering

Ethical Hacking

Operating Systems

Raspberry Pi Engineering

Academics & Career

University of Guelph
2017 - present

Studying Computer Science with a focus on NLP, Statistics, and Genetic Algorithms. Currently maintaining a highly competitive GPA in upper year Mathematical Statistics & Software Engineering.

Stanford Machine Learning online

Online course. Learning basic linear regression and optimization functions for Recurrent Neural Networks. Applying knowledge with Computer Vision side projects currently in development.

Contact Info

https://zacknorman.github.io znorman(at)uoguelph.ca +1.416.889.8594